Project Description

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Wayfinding kiosks are located in a variety of indoor and outdoor environment such as city centers, amusement park, shopping plazas and malls. They are designed to help users navigate their destination and direct them to the intended destination. Information/Directory kiosks are normally with interactive technology which provide users valueable information.

Wayfinding Kiosks Hardware Assembly Basic Feature

  • Application: Interactive wayfinding/information Kiosks market is expanding, variety of environments from bike share station to shopping mall.
  • Information dispaly systems, wayfinding software are upgraded to satisfy market demand.
  • Weather resistance mateiral, powder coated make wayfinding kiosks to be used in both indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Normaly raw material is carbon steel, stainless steel, powder coat is RoHS compliance.
  • Most interactive/non-interactive wayfinding/information kiosks are designed with extra-large screeen which bring perfect user friendly experience.
  • Solar Powered, environmental friendly, UV resistance.

What you need is a trusted partner for your kiosks project expanding.

  • Tuda Technology has been in wayfinding/information/directory kiosks sheet metal fabrication and assembly business for 10+ years early since 2009.
  • With core competencies in production technique upgrade, capacity optimization, Tuda has successfully manufactured and shipped 5000+ kiosks steel structure assembly by the end of FY2018.
  • A good quality multimedia wayfinding/information kiosk is made up by two components from material/function aspect, one is kiosks software, such as touchscreen directories software, informational display systems, the left is hardware fabrication asssembly which is what Tuda has been provided to clients from world.

A better solution for your kiosks fabrication? You’ve spent a lot time evaluating suppliers.Below comparation chart is prepared just for you. Smart decision could be made easily and quickly! 

What Type Kiosks are needed for your Market?
  • Green Kiosks used for bike sharing station
  • Digital Signage Kiosks
  • Healthcare Kiosks
  • Multimedia Information Kiosks
What do your Kiosks look like?
What Inforamtion Kiosks Sheet Metal structure has Tuda been Manufacturing?
Could Tuda manufacture Digital Display Kiosks Metal Fabrication accoreding to your Design?
Definitely Yes.  Please be noted, by now we focus on sheet metal fabrication technique, no software.
Why Tuda? What’s your differences comapred with other competitors in the market?
Production process optimization very single day would make you more competitive in your supply chain. At least 5%-10% Purchasing Cost Saved annually for each client.
OK. I would like to check possibility for a better solution. Who should I contact with?
Talk with our sales, 24/7 available. +86 13074132058

Or write to our overseas project manager directly for any concern:

How to expand your kiosks market share? Answers are below and Tuda would certainly help you from each aspect.


    Design is everything, right? Tuda Technoloy keep your design safe and make it into reality. 100% customized wayfinding/information kiosks hardware production service. 1 set sample would be sent for your evaluation first.


    The kiosk project launch is coming and you face a delivery problem? We could handle a rush order in a incrediable time at the same time of high quality guaranteed.


    Tuda core competency is supply chain management. By optimizing each link inlcuding raw material purchasing, inventory, accessories supplier management, logistics. The competitive solution that we offered to you could not be supplied by others.


    You should focus on software deign and innovation, such as touchscreen technology, wayfinding software. Let Tuda be accoutable for producing steel metal parts 100% according to your project.


    Raw material and coating are all RoHS Compliance.Powder coat color is custimized, any RAL color is available.


    Launch date for your wayfinding/information kiosks project is the the last big event for your project. Definately, delay is not allowed. At Tuda, Each delivery is processed according to our project process management file.To find out how it works exactly, please go to project page. Thank you.


    Our technical staff team is 7+ years experience in sheet metal fabrication industry. Our sales is 24/7 available.

Sales Revenue Data(In Bike Sharing Equipment Section)-by percentage in FY 2018

Kiosks hardware structure 55%
Map Frame 32%
Docking Posts & Rack 13%


Week Days 9:00 – 6:00
Saturday 9:00 – 5:00
Sunday 11:00 – 4:00

+86 13074132058

Answers that you need to know are probably right here!

  • What is your business model for kiosks category?

    Our business model is 100% OEM production for overseas kiosks project. We would produce according to your drawing and sample.

  • Do you provide wayfinding software, informational display systems and related technology?

    By now, our production line is mainly focus on sheet metal fabrication and no technology team for software design.

  • What is your partnership plan?

    We would like to develop a consistant partnership with each client. Business version should be global and we have reputable partners in each region that enjoy special cooperaion terms, such as OA payment term.

  • We only need 5 sets OEM Kiosks, can you make it for us?
    Definitely yes, we cherish each business opportunities, your business is our business, no matter 5 sets, or 500 sets, we would do the best to be supportive in technique and service and make perfect kiosks steel assembly for your project.

  • If you have participated in a multimedia Kiosks project, you might know that a successful kiosks project operations covers below areas but not limited to:
    A.Internet developing
    B.Screen network conceptual design
    C.Software design and development
    D.Multimedia kiosks design and manufacturing
    Among all the related business activities in worldwide version, Tuda Technology focus on manufacturing kiosks sheet metal assembly.

Ready for a tour to wayfinding kiosks steel assembly produciton line?

Discuss Your Project with us for A Better Solution!


  1. Quality standard: All products manufactured by Tuda Technology will meet or exceed the requirement imposed by clients.
  2. Lot production quality will be equal or exceeding that of any samples confirmed by our customers.
  3. Tuda Technology offer instructions for installation, operation and maintenace for the products.
  4. All goods or materials provided under contract agreement shall be new and shall be covered by warranty for a period of at least twelve(12) months from the date that goods arriving at destination port to customers.
  5. All goods, works and materails provided under sales agreement shall be non-defective and fit for their intended purposed and shall fuction safely in all respects.


We know you are looking for a better sheet metal fabrication solution for your project, that’s why you are here. Or you just would like to discuss some industry trend with us. Just leave us a message. 

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+86 13074132058



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