Most of our customers use two brand T-Nuts Rivet Machine. One is SIGMA from Canada, the other is Stafast from US. Some customers told us that they once met with problems that hopper Fed T-Nuts could not run smoothly on the track of their machine.

Yes, if you are in this market, I believe it is your concern too before purchasing decision is made. How to guarantee that the Hopper Feed T-Nuts you buy could fit your machine without stuck?
Checking samples from supplier is a must stage but is not 100% safety.

Most importantly is we must be familiar with the machine working principle, the track structure. How does the track design? How does the machine work?

You must have checked the working process for a Auto Rivet T-Nuts machine.
So T-Nuts performance on the machine are determined by two aspects.

Not only refers to the T-Nuts.
Is the machine track well designed? Is it correctly installed? They are all matters a lot.

Below basic knowledge are what we must be very clear:

1.The track is designed for different sizes Hopper Feed T-Nuts. Suppose your T-Nuts is M6X9 Hopper Feed T-Nuts with flange size 17.6X15.9. Of course, you could not use it for a track designed for a M4X8 hopper Feed T-Nuts.
2.That means, if I’m using M6X9 T-Nuts, and the CB/NHF T-NUTS manufacturer in China also provide M6X9, then there would be no problem? No! Factories standard could not represent the ones you are using and your customers are using.
3.So what should we check?
Check the flange style, the flange size. Are the exactly the same as the T-Nuts that you already used without any problem?
4.After samples from potential suppliers received, check carefully are there any burr on the flange. If there is, it may cause trouble.
5. Not every manufacturer’s quality standard is the same, some may offer you good samples, but those samples quality could not represent lot production.
6.Ask the supplier, do they use sorting machine for the T-Nuts?

Lastly, I would like to offer a most safety solution.

That is: the T-Nuts machine and the CB/NHF T-Nuts supplier should be the same. In this case , before shipment, they must adjust the machine properly and make sure that they could work very well together as whole package. Tuda Technology has successfully offered some customers this competitive solution. And for customers that prefer this proposal, we offer special discount for long term partnership. Would you like to be one the VIP members? Just let us know directly. You may reach me anything by: